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COVID-19 Outbreak Poised To Cause A Security Nightmare For Small Business

March 6, 2019
Working from home in Vancouver WA

With the recent COVID-19 events, small businesses and employees alike are panicking and in the process, ignoring network security protocols by giving "quick" access to remote or offsite employees. Business owners should be aware of this issue and take precautions. Make sure IT Administrators are setting user access and permissions correctly. Remote employees should also take precautions and make an effort to harden security on their remote workstations. We recommend all employees telecommuting install browser extensions that promote overall security and privacy. We also recommend limiting and only using Internet Explorer when necessary. Use Firefox, Brave, or Chrome browsers. They are great alternatives.


We offer 24-hour technical support and can help your business successfully deploy a secure virtual office. For a free consultation on network security practices or solutions for your business, please contact us. Current customers can also use the helpdesk link below to submit a helpdesk ticket and get immediate support.

We're Off To A Great Start This New Year!

December 22, 2019

We've been working hard these past few months bringing to life to our new site. We hope you enjoy the new look and functionality. Customers can now enjoy a dashboard to manage their accounts and network services. Customers are encouraged to sign up to our blog's mailing list to not only receive notifications but direction as well. We look forward to 2020 and hope you do too!