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Web Semantics

Information Technology Services Second To None

Web Semantics was initially founded in 2005 by Miguel A. Vallejo in Murrieta, California. The concept was to build a strong Bilingual Web Agency in Southern California specializing in Search Engine Optimization and Web Development, a booming industry. In 2007, that idea became a business encompassing all Information Technology.

In 2015, Thanks to cloud computing, Web Semantics moved its headquarters to the Pacific Northwest. Today, We provide our clients with unparalleled service and support on a wide array of technical solutions. We continue to serve as technical watchdogs and advocates for our clients and the public from abusive or preying internet companies. In Addition, We observe and navigate the global information technology & cybersecurity landscapes. We Forecast geopolitical risk to proactively mitigate network attacks offering our clients the latest technical solutions to various global threat actors.

We are infamous for our refusal to outsource any stage of our client’s development across international networks. It has been a part of this company’s business model since its inception. We have strict service standards and don’t compromise on this fact. Understanding the information security age, we never jeopardize the integrity of our client’s projects, privacy, or intellectual property. In most cases, we can help our clients solve all logistical and web automation problems without the need to outsource their intellectual property outside the United States.

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