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Cyber-Attacks on The Rise

Why should you care about cybersecurity? Ask any person or business who has experienced identity theft, credit card fraud, ransomware, intellectual property theft; it's not fun. In 2019 the average cost for a small business that experienced a network breach was about $200,000 and put most of them out of business.


It's more important now than ever to be proactive as the depth and scope of attacks have evolved and become more aggressive and tactile. It is less expensive to detect and mitigate attacks before they become a severe problem.


From ransomware to rootkits, Web Semantics can help secure your residential or business networks. We can help analyze, identify, and mitigate any potential cybersecurity risk.

We Work With And Secure Various Network Devices


PC / WorkstationS

Linux, Windows and OSX


Android, iOS


Android, iOS

Network Appliances

Router, Firewall, NAS

Physical / Virtual Servers

Linux, Windows, BSD, VMware

Internet Of Things

RaspberryPi, Odroid, Home Automation

Web Application Security

If you have a website, you are prone to automated attacks, even more so when using an open-source framework or content management system like WordPress. With over 20 years of experience in Web Development, we have designed, developed, and deployed our PHP application security infrastructure to deter and respond to common website threats such as

  • Form Spam
  • Solicitations
  • Web File Scanning
  • Bruteforcing
  • SQL Injection
  • Malware / W0rms
  • Web Shells
  • DDOS attacks


A Server being down can cost your business thousands of dollars per hour or worse per minute. Make sure your website and server are protected today.

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